Social Media Concept & Strategy Analysis

Social media is constantly changing traditional ways of doing business. A simple negative comment about your products and services can lose you more than a couple of potential clients, it is key therefore for every company to actively monitor and cultivate a positive online reputation.

At Adverteyes we are passionate about helping our clients develop social media strategies to not only improve their online presence but focus primarily on generating the necessary leads for sales conversion. We focus on integrated solutions for the main social media platforms, which are creative, strategic, measurable and help you connect with your target audience.

Our services include comprehensive social media audit of your brand and its perception in the industry, followed by the creation of a social media strategy and policy. We can even provide you with the necessary direction to create a social media internal policy for your company and employees to actively play their part in assisting with the development of the strategy.

At Adverteyes we also understand how important it is to design and implement the most engaging, social media campaigns with the right content. From set up of your accounts and profiles on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & more to the execution and management of the actual page. We even create custom Facebook applications to engage your fans. We can also track the progress of your campaigns and tweak them accordingly, to ultimately improve conversion rates.